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A Mexico from the Past: 1960-1965

Photographs that document a Mexico from the past, taken from the 1960´s. They capture memories of Mexico and its rich culture and traditions. The photographer shows us a country that was rapidly becoming more urban . He also shows us Mexico´s countryside, its people, its buildings and historical sites. The photographs are infused with the sense of pride emitted by the Mexican people as they present the beauty of their country to the visitor. We see the people, their streets and bazaars and events from their daily lives. The photographer visited Mexico almost every year from 1960 to 1965. His photographs were taken in different areas of Mexico. He provides us a map but, unfortunately, it does not record his journey. Fortunately, this project allows us to re-create his journey and to create your own using the photographs that he has provided us. The ¨Unknown photographer¨ and Photofade invite you on a voyage to Mexico. Copyright Charalee Graydon, 2011 / Photofade

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